Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Where do I go to sell my INCA machine?

This site is mostly just an unofficial and incomplete collection of INCA manuals. I do not buy or sell INCA machines.

If you are looking to sell your INCA machine to someone who appreciates it. Go to the incawoodworking group. Its got 1600+ INCA users/owners. They'll give you a fair price. You have to register to view or post messages there, but its worth it.

Alternatively, put your INCA machine up for sale on ebay. Then post a link to it on the incawoodworking group, so the people there have a chance to bid on it. Don't forget to mention your location.

The group has moved here:


There was a small poll on the inca woodworking forum about "the polite and proper way to post a sales offer". Most preferred "Craigslist-Style" over "eBay-style". As in:
"State the desired sale price and sell to the first responder who agrees to said price."

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