Sunday, September 13, 2015

Re-launched Inca Machines website

Inca as a company is still alive, although its now owned by Multico in France.

The people over at Inca Machines are relaunching their website. Its looking quite good. They even have an online store now, for official Inca band saw blades. 

They kindly asked me to add a link to their site. Here is part of that message:

We've recently re-launched our website and are trying very hard to get the word out that we're still in business and providing spare parts, blades etc.
We're hoping to slowly build it up to allow for spare parts, manuals etc.
Inca Machines


  1. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your manual resources. I happened across a bunch of Inca accessories, still sealed in the package. Among these includes a sliding table attachment. Brand New never used. I have the bigger cabinet saw and can't use all the accessories. I'm wondering what your advice would be, as to where I could sell these items to someone who could use them?

  2. The best place top sell a Inca machine is:

    That's where all the Inca owners are.