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Links to reviews, blogs, videos, etc for INCA (INJECTA)

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"Inca 342 186 Bandsaw" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLgSoyvMWTo

"Pilgrimage to Eagle Tools" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RojtfmF3qHE

"Raboteuse dégauchisseuse inca" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFO2KIAo7r8

"Inca automatic, DIY dust hood" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsOVbHg8a4c

"Inca Bandsaw" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrfCusb9r7s

"Inca 260 bandsaw with Tuffcut blade" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SW7e54nLw0

"INCA 570 Jointer/Planer" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR5B_SwgkW8

"Changing Tersa Jointer knives" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1VYtoiP3-8

"Squaring lumber in 4 steps" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pfWZMNKg9Y

"Inca jointer/planer thickness feed" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2G81tCQdvA

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"The INCA Woodworking Machinery Handbook: With Useful Tips and Jigs for Everyone" 
by Mark Duginske for INCA Maschinen und Apparate AG - 1984 - 156 pages.

There is another book called "Precision Machinery Techniques". Its the same book only with a different title and cover.

Edit: The copyright for the book was owned by the company "INCA Maschinen und Apparate AG, Teufenthal/Switzerland". This company doesn't exists anymore, as it went bankrupt. If the copyright is still in effect, by having been transferred to some other entity, please let me know and I'll remove this link.

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Catalogues and Adverts for INCA (INJECTA)

The evolution of the INCA woodworking machines

Old INCA catalogues (adverts, price lists, etc) are useful in order to learn what different machines and models exist, and in which order they where developed. Many of these catalogues are not dated which makes inferring the order more difficult. The first INCA woodworking machine was the "Universal" table saw. It dates back to 1931. The first INCA catalogue also includes the "Standard Jointer-Planer". Later catalogues include a few different models as well as new machines like band-saws and sharpers.

Official INCA Catalogues
    Garrett Wade (North American INCA reseller)
    Lee Valley (North American INCA reseller)
    Fine Woodworking (US Magazine)

    Official Injecta Catalogues

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    Wednesday, August 21, 2013

    Model Numbers and Manuals for INCA (INJECTA)

    INCA Table Saws (341.xxx.xx)

    • 341.017.xx - "7" Circular Saw Universal (Universal-Compact)" -  1931 (1980) - Tilt table saw - (US Model 150/159), (Injecta "Model 51/54") 
    • 341.018.xx - "10" Circular Saw Major" -Tilt table Saw - 1970 - (US Model 250/259) 
    • 341.037.xx - "Master (SuperMaster)" Table Saw: 10:  - Tilt Arbor - (US Model 280/290) 
    • 341.033.xx - "Professional" Table Saw: 12" Tilt Arbor - 1986 - (US Model 2100/2200) 
    • 341.???.xx - "Senior300"

    INCA Bandsaws (342.xxx.xx)

    • 342.205.xx - "Euro205" Bandsaw: 8" - (US Model 205) 
    • 342.186.xx - "Euro260" Bandsaw: 10 1/2" - (US Model 310/320/330/340) 
    • 342.025.xx - "Expert500" Bandsaw: 20" - 1980 - (US Model 710) 

    INCA Jointer/Planers (343.xxx.xx)

    • 343.185.xx - 4 15/16" Rebating" Jointer"
    • 343.132.xx - 8 5/8" Jointer-Planer", "Standard Jointer-Planer" -1930s? - (US Model 410/420), (Injecta "AF 132/140") 
    • 343.190.xx - "10 1/4 Automatic Jointer-Planer" - 1976? - (US Model 510, 550, 560, 570, etc) 
    • 343.036.xx  - 15 3/4" "Professional 4000" - (US Model 3000?) 
    • 343.044.xx - "Concorde 315" Planer 

    INCA Shapers (344.xxx.xx)

    • 344.021.xx - "Senator" Spindle Moulder: 20mm Spindle Shaper - 1976 - (US Model 659) 
    • 344.070.xx - "Actor" Spindle Moulder: 1 1/4" Spindle Shaper - (US Model 660) 

    INCA Lathes (345.xxx.xx)

    • 345.197.xx - Wood Turning Lathe: 8 1/2" Swing - 1975
    • 345.199.xx - Wood Turning Lathe by LUNA: SP800/SP1000 - 1983

    INCA Accessories (348.xxx.xx)

    INCA Stands (54.xxx.xx)

    INCA Other

    • Universal 9" Radial Arm by Eumenia - (US Model 810) 
    • Scroll saw "Max 600" made by sister company "Minilor" in the 1990s - (345.600.02) 
    • Contractor Table Saw "ITK 1832" 
    • Workbench


    [This post] on the incawoodworking yahoo forum was the original source for this list. I have since updated the list with with info found in INCA manuals and catalogues.

    How to make sense of the model numbers

    There are (at-least) 3 model numbering systems for the INCA machines.

    For example the "'Standard' Jointer/Planer" can be referred to by any of these model numbers:
    • The official INCA numbering system. ex: "343.132.01" 
    • A shorter numbering system for the US (and North American) market. ex "410". (This system may have been established by "Garrett Wade" the US importer) 
    • An early discarded numbering system. ex: "AF 134". (This system might be that of Injecta AG's Teufental. It can also be seen found on toy trains, etc made by the company) 
    The official INCA numbering system (xxx.xxx.xx) has three parts:
    • The first is a number shared by all machines of the same family. ex "341.xx.xx" is for table-saws. 
    • The second part is the base machine number, ex "341.017.xx" is for the "Universal Table-Saw". 
    • The third is a type number for different versions or configurations of the same base machine. ex "341.017.09" is the "Universal Table-Saw, with the small table of 420x340mm". 
    PS. If you see errors or have additional information let me know. If you have a manual that is missing from this list, please consider scanning it.