Friday, September 13, 2013

Catalogues and Adverts for INCA (INJECTA)

The evolution of the INCA woodworking machines

Old INCA catalogues (adverts, price lists, etc) are useful in order to learn what different machines and models exist, and in which order they where developed. Many of these catalogues are not dated which makes inferring the order more difficult. The first INCA woodworking machine was the "Universal" table saw. It dates back to 1931. The first INCA catalogue also includes the "Standard Jointer-Planer". Later catalogues include a few different models as well as new machines like band-saws and sharpers.

Official INCA Catalogues
    Garrett Wade (North American INCA reseller)
    Lee Valley (North American INCA reseller)
    Fine Woodworking (US Magazine)

    Official Injecta Catalogues

    PS. Do you have any INCA catalogues? Please consider scanning them, to help fill in the gaps in this puzzle.


    1. Inca Advert - Fine Woodworking 1975

    2. Thanks "Anonymous". I put up a link.

    3. Old Injecta Catalogue from 1930s: